South Kinross Flood Scheme

Closed 20 Oct 2023

Opened 28 Sep 2023

Feedback updated 12 Feb 2024

We asked

The Council and RPS consulted with the community on:

  • The risk of flooding in south Kinross
  • The Council's proposals for a flood scheme
  • Other action to raise awareness of flood risk and improve flood resilience

You said

The response to the consultation was generally positive with the majority of the community being supportive of the proposed outline design for the flood scheme.

We did

The public consultation on the outline design is now complete and a public consultation report has been produced to highlight how feedback ahs been addressed. The flood scheme will therefore be published under the Flood Risk Management (Scotland) Act in 2020 and the Council will notify all affected landowners and residents at that time.

Results updated 12 Feb 2024

The Council and RPS have collated of all the comments provided at the public exhibition and, where possible, amendments have been made to the proposed outline design. A full report recording the main comments and issues raised by the community and the Council's response is provided below.

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Kinross has experienced a history of flooding from the South Queich, the Gelly Burn and the Clash Burn. The most recent significant flood events occurred in January 1993, December 2006 and February and August 2020. It is estimated that approximately 194 homes and businesses are currently at risk of flooding.

In order to address this, we engaged consulting engineers, RPS, to develop proposals for a flood protection scheme in the area. We are now ready to consult with the community on the proposed scheme.

Why your views matter

A wide range of potential options has been considered for managing the flood risk from the three main watercourses in the area. We have been working with consulting engineers, RPS, to develop an outline design for the flood scheme consisting of flood walls and embankments, culvert improvements, a flood storage area and property flood resilience measures.


A public exhibition will be held in the Kinross Parish Church (10 Station Road) between 2pm and 8pm on Thursday 28 September and Thursday 5 October 2023.

The exhibition will be in the form of community drop-in sessions and will provide the community with information on the current outline design of the flood scheme including the proposed flood defence types, alignments, heights and indicative finishes. A display will be set up at the venue and officers from the Council’s flooding team and RPS will be available to answer any questions.

It is anticipated that representatives from SEPA will be present to provide advice in relation to their flood warning services and flood risk management plans, and the Scottish Flood Forum will be present on Thursday 5 October to provide advice on flood protection products.

The current proposals are set out on the public exhibition display materials below:

Comment forms will be made available to allow residents to record their views and highlight any issues of interest or concern.

For anyone who cannot attend the public exhibitions the proposals are available to view above, or on the Council’s website, from 28 September until 20 October 2023. You can comment by clicking on the "Give us your views" box below.

Your views are important to us and will inform the final proposals for the flood scheme.

What happens next

Following the consultation the information collected will be collated and used to inform the final outline design of the flood scheme. Where possible, the proposed scheme will be amended to address any local concerns.

The Council will provide a response in the form of a community consultation report. This report will be posted on this page and made available to the community



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