Climate Change

Climate Change banner with people recycling, gardening, using solar power and conserving electricity.

In June 2019 Perth & Kinross Council declared support for the Scottish Government and UK Parliaments’ climate emergency statements. The Council committed to work with citizens and other stakeholders in setting out a route map to a low carbon and climate resilient Perth and Kinross.

The Interim Climate Emergency Report and Action Plan is the first stage in this journey. It is an interim document and forms the basis to start the conversation with our national and local elected representatives, our partners and communities about how we propose to tackle climate change together. This ongoing engagement process gives all partners and all citizens the opportunity to have a say in the proposals in the Plan. 

Climate Change Perth and Kinross Council #PKOfferWe aim to jointly develop targets with our businesses, communities and other stakeholders, taking into account different scenarios, and being realistic about the challenge and costs involved for each scenario. Similar to the Perth and Kinross Offer, everyone has something to offer when we talk about climate change.

Find out more about how Perth & Kinross Council is addressing and tackling climate change.

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