Climate Change

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In June 2019 Perth & Kinross Council declared support for the Scottish Government and UK Parliaments’ climate emergency statements. The Council committed to work with citizens and other stakeholders in setting out a route map to a low carbon and climate resilient Perth and Kinross.

Perth & Kinross Council make decisions that affect our communities. That's why we want your thoughts and input to help with those decisions by getting involved on our Climate Consultation Hub. This platform allows everyone to contribute towards the decision-making process, and your responses inform action. You can keep up to date with new engagement activity by subscribing to our mailing list and by following us on Facebook or Twitter.

On the 15th of December 2021 Councillors unanimously backed the Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan, which sets out how Perth and Kinross will reach net zero carbon emissions by 2045. Our Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan identifies eight thematic areas. Transport, Land Use, Energy & Buildings, Waste, Business & Industry, Resilience, Education and Engagement, and Governance.

The strategy also highlights how we will reduce the impact of climate change on communities and how residents and businesses are vital to creating a sustainable future. The Strategy is guided by the following principles:

  • Achieving Net Zero aligned with the Paris Agreement and Scottish Government targets by 2045, if not before
  • Building a more resilient Perth and Kinross
  • Ensuring climate change action is fair and the transition to a green economy benefits all
  • Enhancing biodiversity
  • Engaging young people and empowering them to take action against climate change
  • Empowering businesses and communities to take climate action in line with the Perth and Kinross Offer

The Strategy will be supported by the creation of a Perth and Kinross Climate Change Commission, which councillors approved earlier this year. This will bring together businesses, community groups, individuals and young people to scrutinise the strategy and support its implementation.

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Open Climate Change Related Activities

Interim Climate Emergency Report and Action Plan - Let's Work Together to Tackle and Adapt to Climate Change (Closed Jan 2021)

Between October 2020 to the end of January 2021 Perth & Kinross Council hosted an online engagement open to all stakeholders across Perth and Kinross to have their say on Climate Change challenges and activities across the region. We asked everyone how we can work together to become a climate resilient Perth and Kinross.

To continue the ongoing theme that everyone in Perth and Kinross has something to contribute, no matter how big or small their actions are, the engagement was rolled out under the PK Offer Umbrella.

Throughout the engagement process we hosted and attended numerous online discussions covering a variety of topics related to Climate Change and carbon saving.

The results of this engagement process contributed towards forming our Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan.

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