Nature Networks and Biodiversity Enhancement

Closes 19 Aug 2024

Opened 8 Jul 2024

Results expected 18 Nov 2024

Feedback expected 1 Dec 2024


National Planning Framework 4 (NPF4) introduced two new requirements for biodiversity: Nature Networks and positive effects for biodiversity (enhancement). Nature Networks are composed of sites of importance for biodiversity (Core Areas) connected by corridors of habitat stepping stones, restoration projects and existing linear habitats like woodland. All development is asked to minimise impacts on Nature Networks and applications for larger developments are expected to contribute to them.

Positive effects for biodiversity include a requirement in NPF4 for large development to provide significant enhancement for biodiversity and local development to contain measures to enhance biodiversity. Enhancement may be planting woodland or restoring peatland on the development site, or if that is possible, it may be in a different location (offsite). Enhancement is in addition to a requirement to compensate for lost natural habitat by replacing it  - preferably onsite, but in limited circumstances it will be offsite. This consultation is to develop a local approach to these requirements.

If you have already completed this survey but would like to add additional sites to be considered as part of a Nature Network please tell us using this site mapping survey.

Why your views matter

Both Nature Networks and any new policy around biodiversity enhancement and offsite compensation will be contained in the new Local Development Plan (LDP3). To inform this and provide guidance for applicants in the interim we want to know your views on where and how Nature Networks should be identified, and where and how offsite enhancement and compensation should be delivered. Nature Networks are also a tool to help link existing restoration projects to others to get the greatest benefit for nature. We therefore need to know where those sites are and how best to join them up.

The Development Plans Team and Climate Change team are therefore keen to hear from landowners or managers with existing nature rich sites or projects, community groups working on delivery of restoration for nature, landowners, developers and communities with ideas on how they might be affected or can contribute to nature networks and enhancement.

In addition to this online survey we will be encouraging discussion with landowners and stakeholders about this and will hold workshops with interested groups.

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