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What else is happening?

Below are some of the other activities currently being run. Have your say here to help shape our future

Rent Level Options for 2024/25

Each year, in partnership with our tenants, we review the rent levels we charge for the Housing Services we provide. These annual reviews are necessary to ensure that we continue to meet our duties to you as a landlord, respond to your priorities and maintain high levels of service delivery. For the seventh year we are consulting and engaging with you over the level of rent to be set for the next year - 2024/25. We want to give all tenants a voice in decisions that affect you, your...

Closes 22 December 2023

Proposed Lease of Shop, 2 North Port, Perth, PH1 5LU

The aim of the consultation is to provide an opportunity to comment on the proposal for a lease to be granted to Klaudyna Karnia for the commercial property at 2 North Port, Perth. It is proposed that a lease be granted with the following terms: The proposed start date is 28 February 2024; The lease duration is for a period of 3 years; The Tenant will have an option to terminate the lease annually on the anniversary of...

Closes 16 January 2024

Customer Service Centre - Customer Satisfaction

The Customer Service Centre would like you to tell us about your recent experience when you contacted us or used one of our online services, please provide us with this invaluable feedback. Your feedback will help us to review and improve the service that we provide. The online survey (link below will take around 5 minutes to complete and you can save and return at a later time to complete it. The survey is not intended to capture personal information. However, if you enter...

Closes 1 January 2032

Recently closed activities

Here you can find some of the activities that have been run over the last year. Take a look at what's been happening and find out how your feedback has helped to make a difference.

Tay Forest National Park

The Scottish Government has announced its intention to create at least one new national park. In March 2023, we agreed to make budget provision to support a bid submission for a new national park in northern Perthshire, called the Tay Forest National Park. The opportunity to submit a bid to create a new national park is a rare opportunity to seek international recognition for Highland Perthshire’s outstanding natural beauty and rich cultural and...

Review of Parliamentary Polling Districts and Polling Places

Parliamentary polling districts and polling places set out the arrangements in place in order that all electors may cast their vote. The Council is to undertake a statutory review of these every 5 years. This consultation is open to anyone with an interest.

Unpaid Work Orders

Unpaid work orders are put in place when someone who has committed a crime is sentenced to carry out work in the community. As part of its response to Scotland’s Community Justice strategy, Perth & Kinross Council’s Justice Services are seeking the views of the public to understand their awareness of what people on unpaid work do, whether they think it works, and what other community jobs could be undertaken.

We Asked, You Said, We Did

Here are some of the issues we have consulted on and their outcomes. See all outcomes

We asked

For your views on the principle of introducing a short-term let control area for Highland Perthshire and parts of Eastern Perthshire, and whether you had any suggestions on how to improve the draft guidance.

You said

A wide range of views on the principle of a short-term let control area and on the draft guidance were received from individuals, businesses and organisations.

We did

Several changes were made to the guidance following the consultation and the finalised guidance was approved by the Environment, Infrastructure and Economic Development Committee on 1 November 2023. This will now be used to help assess and determine planning applications for changes of use from a house or flat to a short-term let. A further report on the principle and evidence for designating a short-term let control area will go to the Committee early in 2024.

We asked

For your views on the draft Supplementary Guidance for Developer Contributions & Affordable Housing to support Local Development Plan 2 (2019) policy 5 and policy 20.

You said

A range of comments, broadly supportive of the proposed guidance, which largely carries forward the existing Supplementary Guidance (adopted in 2020).

We did

Some changes were made to the guidance following the consultation and the finalised guidance was approved by the Environment, Infrastructure and Economic Development Committee on 20 September 2023. The revised Guidance (as presented to Committee) has now been submitted to Scottish Ministers for consideration. Further updates will be published on the Supplementary Guidance webpage for Developer Contributions & Affordable Housing.

We asked

We asked the public to comment on a draft licensing policy statement.

You said

Five consultation responses were received on a variety of issues contained within the draft licensing policy statement.

We did

A Report was prepared and placed before Perth and Kinross Licensing Board on 27 September. That report included all consultation responses. The Board then decided the full terms of its Licensing Policy Statement to apply from 5 November 2023 to 5 November 2028.

We asked

For the public to comment on the proposal for a lease to be granted to Taste Talk Limited for the commercial property at 2 North Port, Perth.  

You said

There were no responses received.  

We did

Taste Talk Ltd have not progressed to enter into a lease of the property.  

We asked

To help us prepare a new Management Plan for Black Spout Wood, we asked local residents and visitors how often they used the woods, what they liked to do while they were there, what they liked and disliked about the woods at present and how we might make improvements.  

You said

We received 98 responses to the consultation. Most respondents were local residents and visited the woods on foot. Many were dog walkers. We received lots of positive feedback about the site and the way it is now. There was also useful feedback about providing information to help get around the site, the paths, and the management of the site more generally.

We did

All the feedback received will help us to put together a new Management Plan to take us forward to 2028.  In due course, those of you who asked to be kept informed will be consulted again once we've put together a draft Management Plan. 

At the time of this initial consultation the Pitlochry & Moulin Community Council was in abeyance.  It's hoped that we can engage with the new Community Council so as to review the draft Management Plan once it's ready.