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Perth & Kinross Council and its partner organisation make decisions that affect our communities. That's why we want your thoughts and input to help with those decisions. Find all the opportunities to get involved here, and also the actions that are informed by your responses. Keep up to date with new engagement activity by subscribing to our mailing list and by following us on Facebook  or Twitter. Check out our climate change engagement activities page.

Open Consultations

Closed Consultations

  • Corporate Plan and Budget 2023-2024

    As a Council we are committed to serving the people and communities of Perth and Kinross and delivering the best possible services that we can within the resources at our disposal. In doing this we recognise that we need to continually consider what makes the biggest difference... More

    Closed 27 November 2022

  • Managed for Wildlife Trials 2022

    To improve biodiversity and help mitigate climate change we will be managing some areas in selected parks and other open spaces in a special way in 2022 on a trial basis. We will be managing areas within 8 sites with a view to improving these for native flowers, bees,... More

    Closed 31 October 2022

  • Gypsy/Traveller Site Standards

    The Gypsy/ Traveller Site Standards guidance note provides guidance on how applications for private permanent sites or short/seasonal stay sites can address Policy 21 in Local Development Plan 2. As well as providing detail on the policy it gives applicants an overview of when permission... More

    Closed 2 October 2022

  • Invergowrie Natural Flood Management Study

    Perth & Kinross Council has been carrying out a natural flood management (NFM) study for the Invergowrie area and is seeking the views of the community on the draft outputs. All of the details relating to the study can be found in the Council’s newsletter (below) which has also been... More

    Closed 25 September 2022

  • Perth & Kinross Local Housing Strategy 2022-27: Draft Vision, Priorities and Actions

    Welcome to this consultation which seeks your views on the draft vision, priorities and actions for the new Perth & Kinross Local Housing Strategy (LHS). Housing plays a vital role in meeting the needs of local people, communities and the economy. Giving people the right... More

    Closed 9 September 2022

We Asked, You Said, We Did

Here are some of the issues we have consulted on and their outcomes. See all outcomes

We asked

We asked the Invergowrie community about:

  • the flood risk in Invergowrie
  • the findings of the study
  • other actions to raise awareness and improve community flood resilience


You said

Comments were received regarding:

  • the assessment of flood risk (flood maps) and their impact on property insurance
  • how options were assessed, including economic appraisal
  • issues associated with drainage systems

We did

A Question and Answer report was produced and issued to the local community. The flood study has been finalised and the findings will now be reported at the next Climate Change & Sustainability Committee (16 November 2022).

We asked

For your priorities about how the Council's Housing Service should spend your rent money during the year 2023/24.

You said

The full results can be viewed below.

We did

The results were fed back to tenants at the Tenant Summer Conference which was held on June 22nd 2022.

The results will now be considered and further consultation will be held with tenants before several options are put together for 2023/24 rent levels, based on what tenants have told us.

These options will be presented to our tenants in autumn 2022 and they will be asked to vote for their preferred rent level option for 2023/24.


We asked

We asked for your thoughts and preferences on the free period products initiative in Perth and Kinross; what kind of products you would like to be able to access, what kind of venues you would like to access them from, and where within these venues you would like to be able to access products.

You said

The current provision and arrangements on offer in Perth and Kinross meet preferences relatively closely, however more work needs to be done on raising awareness of the scheme and its offer to everyone. 

We did

The results were used to determine how we can improve the quality, usefulness and reach of the Free Period Products initiative in Perth and Kinross. A Statement of Intent has been published, which outlines how we will take forward the scheme in community, school and council premises settings in Perth and Kinross. For more information on the scheme, please visit: Free period products in Perth and Kinross - Perth & Kinross Council (