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The Perth & Kinross Council Consultation Hub will help you find and participate in consultations that interest you.  We consider what you tell us and use this, along with other information, to inform our recommendations and decisions. We will report back here on what we have done with the information we gather.

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Open Consultations

Closed Consultations

  • Food Growing Strategy Consultation

    The Scottish Government has set out a vision that by 2025 Scotland will be “a Good Food Nation, where people from every walk of life take pride and pleasure in, and benefit from, the food they produce, buy, cook, serve, and eat each day.” The Council has a statutory duty, set... More

    Closed 25 October 2019

  • Mental Health & Wellbeing Services in Perth and Kinross

    Perth and Kinross Health and Social Care Partnership (HSCP) is currently in the process of redesigning how support for mental health and wellbeing is provided. It is really important to us that we involve local people, groups, charities and organisations to help us shape a joint vision for the... More

    Closed 14 October 2019

  • Draft Landscape Supplementary Guidance

    The Landscape Supplementary Guidance provides detailed guidance on the application of Policy 39: Landscape in the proposed Local Development Plan 2 (LDP2) and in particular the final paragraph of the policy. This paragraph details how applicants are expected to address Local Landscape... More

    Closed 30 September 2019

  • Draft Green and Blue Infrastructure Supplementary Guidance

    The Green and Blue Infrastructure Supplementary Guidance sets out the framework for the creation of a strategic green and blue network for the benefit of people and wildlife in Perth & Kinross. It will be used to support the delivery of Local Development Plan Policy 40: Green Infrastructure... More

    Closed 30 September 2019

  • Developer Contributions and Affordable Housing Supplementary Guidance

    The Developer Contributions and Affordable Housing Supplementary Guidance sets out the detail of the Council's approach to securing developer contributions and affordable housing. This is required for new development across Perth & Kinross. The Guidance is aimed at developers and people... More

    Closed 30 September 2019

We Asked, You Said, We Did

Here are some of the issues we have consulted on and their outcomes. See all outcomes

We Asked

We asked  what you think about the four priorities identified to be included in the Draft Tayside Strategy for Parents 2019-23.

You Said

100% of parents agreed or strongly agreed that the priorities focus on the things that are important to them. You also told us what you thought was working well and identified areas you would like to see improvement. For example:

  • Improved access to information to support parents throughout their parenting journey
  • Improved schools communications to increase parental involvement, particularly focussing on parents of children aged 7 years and above.
  • Creating a consistency of family learning programmes across Tayside.
  • Promoting whole family approaches to assessments and service delivery.
  • Developing training to increase engagement skills and awareness of a range of issues affecting parenting.

We Did

The information informed the development of the Tayside Strategy for Parents 2019-2024 and parents views have been captured  in a short animated video  to promote the strategy  to parents and service providers.

Work has started in relation to developing and delivering an action plan which will address the strategies improvement priorities. A further consultation with parents in Autumn 2019 will help to inform this further.

We Asked

To help us make informed decisions, we asked for opinions on how we could make savings as budgets tighten.  

The public were asked to tell us:

  • how they feel about different service areas.
  • how they would make savings from the Council budget.
  • if they would change Council Tax and by how much.
  • their ideas on how the Council could generate additional income to offset the savings required.

You Said

1085 complete responses were received and considered. The results of the consultation are reported here.

We Did

The consultation feedback was taken into consideration in developing final recommendations which were put to full Council on 20th February 2019. Full Council agreed the Perth & Kinross Council budget for 2019/20.

We Asked

We want BSL users to help us;

  • by testing Contact Scotland
  • with changes to our website
  • with our BSL interpreting and translating guide for staff before any contracts are agreed with BSL Interpreters
  • by telling us which of our staff should be trained first
  • by telling us if the staff training is what you wish it to be
  • by meeting with us at least twice a year to make sure our plan is progressing as you wish  and telling us if it isn’t!

You Said

From 11 June event:

  • Our Plan needs to be written in Plain English
  • More staff need to be trained in BSL
  • More staff need awareness training in BSL and Deaf Culture
  • We need to use BSL qualified interpreters and other support when required for meetings
  • Communication for BSL parents and BSL children needs to be good so parents are more involved
  • Access to jobs and further learning is important
  • We need to improve access to health services
  • BSL users would like to be more included at events and other activities in the local area
  • Local political parties should be doing more for BSL users

We Did

By 28 June event:

  • Met with different people who contacted us to submit their ideas
  • Shared the feedback with Dundee and Angus Councils (and they did the same in their meetings)
  • Our plan was rewritten in Plain English where possible
  • Changed some of the actions in our draft plan to make sure what you have asked us to look at is included