Autism Strategy Consultation

Closes 11 Dec 2022


Thank you for choosing to complete this survey, your time is much appreciated. The survey has been produced based around four key areas:

  • A Healthy Life
  • Choice and Control
  • Independence
  • Active Citizenship

The following online survey will comprise of a set of standardised questions which will be personalised to the autistic person, however if you wish to complete this as a carer or on someone’s behalf we would also welcome your views. You can save your response at any time and return to complete later.

We appreciate that there is a significant volume of questions. This is because we are keen to ensure we capture key information to help our understanding of the full breadth and depth of people’s lives, so that we can better respond to the issues autistic people encounter.

If your time or ability to answer all the survey questions is limited, then please focus on answering the required questions. These form the basis of some of our essential planning work, and your responses to these questions are extremely helpful and valuable.

The strategy we are developing is for all ages and life stages; hence, hearing the voices of children and young people is essential.  We acknowledge that some of the questions are complex and children and young people may need help to understand or may not know the answer. We would encourage family/carer support and please feel free to complete the survey jointly where necessary.

We recognise that individuals with complex needs may need additonal support and we would encourage their families/carers to complete the survey on their behalf.

We value the role that families and carers provide to their loved ones/autistic people and we would like to hear their thoughts and perspective and hope you can take the time to respond as a carer of autistic adults.

If you wish to submit a response on behalf of an autistic person and as a carer or on behalf of/ as a carer of more than one autistic person then please submit separate responses. The survey will take you to the questions that are relevant to your interest.

If you have further questions or require any additional support to complete the survey, please contact Ashley Blundell at

We are not looking to collect any personal information or identify individuals from the responses received. Please read the privacy notice below for full details about how we use information we collect in this survey.

Privacy Notice - PLEASE READ

We are looking for people to share their experiences to allow us to gather qualitative data to help our understanding of autistic people’s experiences, which in turn will:

  • Inform the development of the Autism Strategy
  • Support the identification of key priorities for the Autism Action and Delivery Plan

We are not looking to collect any personal information about participants but it is possible that some of the answers you provide may identify you.  All data gathered will be anonymised and the collated responses will not contain any personal identifiable information.  This information will be shared with Perth and Kinross Children and Education Services, NHS Tayside, Perth and Kinross Independent Advocacy, Perth Autism Support, One Stop Shop and Support in Mind Scotland.

1. I have read the privacy notice and happy to consent to take part in the Autism Consultation survey
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