Abernyte Primary School

Closes 5 Mar 2021

Consultation for Abernyte Primary School

The information you provide in this questionnaire will be used to inform the options appraisal. Personal details will be collected to ensure responses are from the areas identified as part of the catchment review. All information will be anonymised to ensure no individuals can be identified. A summary of the feedback received from all responses will be included within the options appraisal considered by Lifelong Learning Committee.

Any change to the catchment will not take place until August 2022 at the earliest. The operational date of any nursery will be dependent on any building works required.

Please note that children currently attending another primary school would not be required to move schools if the catchment area change goes ahead. Younger siblings, not yet attending school may be able to attend the same school as their siblings by making a placing request. Parents always have a right to make a request that their child be placed in a school of their choice and, where there are available places, Perth & Kinross Council will always prioritise pupils with siblings above all other placing requests.

Do you have any children aged 0-12 years living in your house?