1-5 High Street, Perth; Proposed reuse of former Council Chambers and Justice of the Peace Court within hotel development

Closes 27 Mar 2020

Your Views

1. To what extent do you agree/disagree with the proposed re-development of the 1-5 High Street building for hotel use?
2. To what extent do you agree/disagree that the proposed redevelopment will provide better access to the Common Good and heritage assets within the 1-5 High Street building?

What is "Common Good"?

The Common Good is a fund of money or assets administered by a Scottish local authority in respect of former burghs within the area of the local authority. Burgh Councils ceased to exist in 1975. It can include former burgh buildings, common land, gifts and essentially any property which is administered as part of the common good. However, not all of the former burgh land and property forms part of the common good.  For example,  it does not include burgh property which was acquired in terms of a statute and for a statutory purpose nor property which was acquired through a special trust or gift if it had been specifically stated that it was not to become common good property.

What is a "heritage asset"?

A heritage asset is a feature of architectural or historic interest.

3. Do you have any further comments or suggestions regarding heritage assets within 1-5 High Street?
4. We would value your feedback about this consultation. Would you be willing to take a couple of minutes to answer an additional 3 short questions?