Proposed Lease of Part of the South Inch Pavilion building, the South Inch, Perth (a Common Good Property)

Closes 9 Aug 2024

Opened 14 Jun 2024

Results expected 30 Aug 2024


Perth and Kinross Council propose to lease the South Inch Pavilion to the Fair City Juniors Football Club, "the Tenant".  A lease would enable the Tenant to adapt the building to create new changing facilities and to improve and develop the facilities for use in connection with the adjacent grass pitches on the South Inch.  This proposal will not affect the café, which is operated under a separate Licence to Occupy.

A view of the pavilion on the South Inch, Perth ahowing the part of the building to be leased in the foreground with the adjoining cafe area in the rear.

This is an opportunity to comment on the proposal for a lease to be granted with the following terms:

  • The proposed start date is September 2024 or such other date as may be agreed following submission of a report to the Perth Common Good Committee.
  • The initial lease duration will be ten years.
  • The Tenant will have the option to terminate the lease annually on the anniversary of the date of entry.
  • The Tenant will use the Pavilion for the purposes of changing rooms and other activities directly related to the Tenant’s use of the South Inch pitches.
  • The Tenant will require to obtain all necessary statutory consents in connection with the proposed use.
  • The Tenant will be responsible for all repairs to the leased subjects.
  • On other normal commercial terms.

The plan below shows the location of the Pavilion to the north west of the South Inch and the extent of the area proposed to be let within the building in the south end of the Pavilion. The area is coloured orange on the plan and extends to 290.1m². 

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Why your views matter

We are consulting in this case as the building to be leased is a common good property and the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015 places a statutory duty on local authorities to publish details about the proposed lease before taking any decision to lease out a common good property.  We would like all opinions within the local community to be taken into account in the decision-making process.  

Please note that the content of any representations made and the details of the party or parties making such representations may appear in a publicly available report to the Common Good Committee of the Council.

If, following consideration of any representations received in this consultation, the Council decides to proceed with the proposal, a lease will be granted to the Fair City Juniors Football Club as soon as practicable thereafter. 

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