Loch Leven Special Protection Area and Ramsar Site Guidance

Closed 24 Jan 2022

Opened 29 Nov 2021

Feedback updated 5 Jul 2022

We asked

Whether you are satisfied with the proposed changes to the Loch Leven Special Protection Area and Ramsar Site Guidance. 

You said

Responses from statutory agencies were of a technical nature. There were no responses from the general public.

We did

The suggested amendments made in the first consultation were adopted into draft guidance. Further minor technical changes outside of the consultation period were requested by SEPA leading to a further consultation and minor technical wording changes requested. These changes were incorporated into the final adopted guidance.

Results updated 5 Jul 2022

The guidance was adopted by the Finances and Resources Committee on 15 June 2022 and can be found at the supplementary guidance webpage (www.pkc.gov.uk/ldp2designatedsites) .



The Loch Leven Special Protection Area and Ramsar Site Guidance relates to the protection of the Loch Leven Catchment Area. Loch Leven is designated as a Special Protection Area (SPA) and RAMSAR site. SPA and RAMSAR sites are internationally important wildlife sites. The guidance provides advice on the implementation of Policy 46 in the Local Development Plan 2. It describes the steps new development must take to protect the loch and setting out the information to be provided in planning applications. The document was prepared in consultation with NatureScot and Scottish Environment Protection Agency and was previously consulted on in early 2020.

Why your views matter

The Loch Leven Special Protection Area and Ramsar Site Guidance was last updated by Perth & Kinross Council in November 2016. A previous consultation in 2020 asked for your views on a technical update of the existing 2016 guidance. This update had an added requirement for evidence of the installation of phosphorus mitigation measures to be provided to the Planning Authority.

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Further minor changes particularly with regards to the flowchart on page 4  of the guidance have been made in this draft (see below). These changes arose following the previous guidance and a further consultation is thought necessary before the guidance can be adopted.

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Comments are welcome on all aspects of the guidance. All responses to the consultation will be fully considered and will be used to inform any further modifications.

What happens next

We will review all the comments from the consultation and consider how to incorporate any changes that are needed into the document. The final document will then go to Council for their consideration.


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