Food Growing Strategy Consultation (Phase 2)

Closed 1 Mar 2021

Opened 18 Dec 2020

Feedback updated 29 Jul 2021

We asked

We asked for your feedback on the draft Food Growing Strategy to make sure that we are going in the right direction. We wanted to know whether we identified all the communities with demand for support and whether we selected the right actions to focus on.

You said

We received over 50 comments to our online survey and 50 attendees took part in our online workshops we held in February. We are currently in the process of analysing the representations and identifying where we can improve the draft strategy.

We did

In the coming months, we will finalise the Food Growing Strategy based on your comments and identify where we require additional resources to deliver the action plan. We will report our findings and the finalised strategy back to committee later in 2021.


This Draft Food Growing Strategy responds to the Government’s vision to increase the health and wellbeing of Scotland`s communities by encouraging more people to grow and eat fruit and vegetables.

Growing food together allows people to meet and work with others in their community; develop food growing knowledge and skills and lead healthier lifestyles. It also plays a role in improving biodiversity, mitigating climate change and reducing food poverty by improving access to high quality local produce that can be grown and distributed in a sustainable manner.

The Council is well-placed to support this aim by helping to identify land for additional growing spaces and exploring other types of support to encourage more people of all ages and abilities to get involved.

This consultative draft provides an opportunity for you to get involved, comment and help develop a strategy which addresses the key issues.

We ran an initial stakeholder survey in 2019. From the results of this survey and further conversations with community groups, we prepared a draft strategy. We are now inviting your views on this draft.

You can view the Food Growing Strategy Consultation Draft below. If you have difficulty accessing this document, please e-mail or call us to request an alternative format.

Your browser does not support inline PDF viewing.Please download the PDF.

Why your views matter

The food growing strategy offers an opportunity to link together different organisations and community groups with an interest in food growing and provide a framework for a joined-up approach.

The feedback we receive through this consultation will help:

  • Refine our vision and objectives
  • Quantify any demand for allotments and other food growing spaces
  • Identify land that may be suitable for new growing sites
  • Identify further actions we could pursue to achieve the strategy`s aim
  • Develop partnerships with community groups and third sector organisations to deliver the strategy

Pictures of local community gardens and allotment

Who Is Consulting

Perth & Kinross Council, Housing & Environment Service.

Who Can Comment 

Anyone can comment, including:

  • Individuals

  • Community Groups

  • Third Sector Organisations

  • Landowners

  • Others involved with food growing, health or climate change action

Related Consultations

Phase 1 of this consultation was carried out in October 2019.

Upcoming Events

What is the food growing strategy? How is it relevant to me? Join our online workshops to meet current and aspiring community growers and help develop our strategy.

If you are interested in gardening, health, community building and sustainable food, this online event is for you. Our speakers will offer their experiences of community growing; we will explore the possibilities and challenges around growing your own food and how this can become an attractive and viable option for more people. Your participation and discussion will inform the Council`s emerging Food Growing Strategy and help ensure it is fit for purpose.

Workshop 1 - 15th February 13:00-14:30

Workshop 2 - 18th February 19:00-20:30

Please e-mail if you are interested in taking part and indicate which time and date you prefer.

Growing Together Story Map

This story map provides an overview of each food growing site currently identified within Perth & Kinross. To expand the map and find out more information about food growing in your area, please follow this link  (this will open a new tab).

How To Comment

Our privacy notice (new tab will open) explains how the information you provide in your response will be used. If you would like to take part in our online survey please click on the "I agree" button below  to indicate that:

  •     you have read the privacy notice
  •     you agree to take part

What happens next

We will use your comments to finalise the document, which will then be proposed for adoption by the Council. We will notify you when the strategy is adopted. If you expressed an interest in helping us deliver the action plan, we will be in touch with you to discuss the next steps.


  • Action Partnership Locality - Almond and Earn
  • Action Partnership Locality - Eastern Perthshire
  • Action Partnership Locality - Highland
  • Action Partnership Locality - Kinross-shire
  • Action Partnership Locality - Perth City
  • Action Partnership Locality - Strathearn and Strathallan
  • Action Partnership Locality - Strathtay
  • All Perth & Kinross
  • Ward 1 - Carse of Gowrie
  • Ward 10 - Perth City South
  • Ward 11 - Perth City North
  • Ward 12 - Perth City Centre
  • Ward 2 - Strathmore
  • Ward 4 - Highland
  • Ward 5 - Strathtay
  • Ward 6 - Strathearn
  • Ward 7 - Strathallan
  • Ward 8 - Kinross-shire


  • Area Partnerships
  • Community Councils
  • Community Groups/Organisations
  • Community Planning Partners
  • Education Institutions
  • Environmental Groups
  • Housing Associations
  • PKC Employees
  • Rural Communities
  • Tenants and Residents Associations
  • Voluntary Groups/Organisations
  • Any Audience
  • Council Tenants
  • Elected Members
  • Landowners
  • Low Income Households
  • People with Disabilities
  • Volunteers
  • All Residents of Perth and Kinross


  • Climate Change
  • Affordable Housing
  • Housing Support
  • Private Housing
  • Social Housing
  • Parks and Green Spaces
  • Disabilities
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Mental Health
  • Voluntary and Community Sector Organisations
  • Volunteering