Perth and Kinross Climate Action: Community Engagement Programme

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Closes 10 Jun 2022

About Your Community Group

This questionnaire will take approximately 8 minutes to complete 

1. Name of your community group?
2. What is your community group email address? (this email address will be used for all future contact)
If you enter your email address then you will automatically receive an acknowledgement email when you submit your response.
3. Which community does your group serve?

Register your group on our Perth and Kinross community map (collapse title for more info)

The interactive map displays projects and groups within Perth and Kinross, which focus on climate change and the environment. The main purpose of the map is to encourage the sharing of experience and ideas between groups, encourage others to get involved and celebrate the valuable work being undertaken by communities.

We want to hear if your community, group or organisation are working together on projects associated with the environment and climate change. This could cover biodiversity, transport, active travel, land use, food, homes and buildings, energy, waste, business, awareness raising and adaptation.


4. If your group has a website or social media page (such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), please provide the links below.
5. Which of the categories below best describes your community group (select all that apply)

If other, please provide details in the text box below

6. Tell us about your community group or project and what your main objectives are
7. Do you specifically engage with young people (less than 25 years old). If so, please provide further details below including how you identify contacts, manage engagement and sustain relationships

Young people play a vital role in tackling climate change. The Perth and Kinross Climate Action website highlights taking action at school is key in fighting against climate change. Informing students and young people on the effects of climate change and sharing best practice examples of climate action can play a very important role in shifting towards more sustainable behaviours, both at school and at home.

We want to ensure young people are empowered to be involved and have an effective voice in our climate future. Therefore young people are identified as a key stakeholder within our Community Engagement Plan.