Rent Level Options for 2021/22

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Closes 11 Dec 2020


Each year, in partnership with our tenants, we review the rent levels we charge for the Housing services we provide. These annual reviews ensure that we continue to meet our duties to you as a landlord, respond to your priorities as tenants and maintain high levels of service delivery. 

As a result of the pandemic our normal approach has not been possible. Your housing staff have had to focus on responding to the pandemic, and we haven’t been able to hold a conference or have any face-to-face engagement events.

Despite this, it remains very important to us that you have a say in your rent levels for 2020/21.

In previous years you have voted on rent options based on an increasing level of service provision, each reflecting higher levels of rent. This year tenants have the opportunity to vote on 3 rent level options and decide if they should be funded from new rent money or through a reduction in other areas of service delivery.