Tayside Strategy for Parents; Draft Delivery Plan 2021

Closed 21 Mar 2021

Opened 22 Feb 2021


The Tayside Strategy for Parents aims to achieve a vision:

‘Everyone who has or will have a parenting role is able to secure positive futures for themselves and their families’.

It  is a commitment from the partner organisations in Tayside that deliver services for children, young people and families to work with parents to improve the information, services, communities and policies that support families.

The strategy was developed in consultation with parents, others with a parenting role and service providers. Parents identified four priorities areas which were important to them:

  • Parents have access to good quality information that supports them make informed choices, plan for and meet their family’s needs.
  • Communities are inclusive, understand children’s needs and support families to thrive.
  • Families have access to effective services that are delivered by a skilled and confident workforce that value the role of parents.
  • Policies that effect family life are supportive and deliver positive outcomes.

To capture this equal partnership we have proposed a "Parenting Offer" which focusses on what services and parents can do to support each other to make the biggest difference. 

Your feedback will help us inform how services are designed and delivered in Tayside.

Please note that a very similar consultation on the strategy was open in March/April 2020 and paused due to the Covid-19 pandemic . We will take any responses already submitted into consideration but please feel free to respond again as we have added some extra questions particularly with regard to access and use of digital devices.

Why your views matter

We have identified actions that we believe will deliver our improvement priorities. We want to hear your views about whether or not these will help improve the experience of parents and outcomes for their families.

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Parents have highlighted the importance of equal partnership throughout the strategy. The Draft Delivery Plan recognises parents as valued ambassadors who can advocate for change and as ‘volunteers’ who can peer educate and support others using their lived experience and skills of life and the community they live in.

To capture this equal partnership we have created a Parenting Offer which focusses on what we can do to support each other to make the biggest difference. 

We are keen to get your feedback. This will  inform how services are designed and delivered in Tayside. We thank you for taking the time to complete the following  questionnaire. We expect this to take around 20 minutues. You are able to save your response and return to complete and submit.

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What happens next

Results of this survey will be published on this page within one month of the consultation closing.

The responses will inform the content of the Delivery Plan and the proposed Parent Offer, both will be available to view via the Tayside Regional Improvement Collaborative website   www.taycollab.org.uk

Progress on the delivery plan will also be reported annually via the Tayside Regional Improvement Collaborative website.


  • All Perth & Kinross
  • Tayside


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  • Children and Young People
  • Parents, Carers and Guardians
  • Service Users


  • Adult and Community Learning and Development
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