Participation in Perth & Kinross Council Central Music Groups and Music Camps

Closed 21 Jun 2021

Opened 1 Jun 2021

Results expected 17 Jul 2021

Feedback expected 1 Aug 2021


We are contacting stakeholders to gather views on the purpose and membership of our Central Music Groups and Music Camps which are run by the Perth & Kinross Council Instrumental Music Service.  Link opens in a new tab.

These groups and residential camps bring young people together to play music in ensemble situations. Parents and carers can apply for their young people to join these groups upon payment of a fee that contributes towards the total cost of provision.

Why your views matter

Central Music Groups and Music Camps have existed in something like their current form for many years. Membership of these groups has included young people who do not attend Perth & Kinross Council schools, for example, independent schools or schools in other local authorities.

We are seeking to formalise the educational and cultural purpose and membership of these groups. The resources for these groups must be used as efficiently and equitably as possible, broadening the reach to young people who otherwise may not be able to access these opportunities. In this regard we are keen to gather the views of all stakeholders.


  • All Perth & Kinross
  • Tayside


  • Education Institutions
  • Children and Young People
  • Parents, Carers and Guardians


  • Arts and Culture
  • Sport and Activities
  • Primary Schools
  • Secondary Schools
  • Children and Families