Accessibility Strategy for all schools in Perth and Kinross Council

Closed 13 May 2022

Opened 21 Mar 2022


This strategy is for all those involved in the education of pupils with disabilities, either as a professional, such as a member of staff within the Education Authority or associated services, or as a family member of a child or young person with a disability, or as someone who supports or advocates for them in either a professional or personal capacity.

The Education (Disability Strategies and Pupils Education Records) (Scotland) Act 2002 requires all Education Authorities to prepare and implement an Accessibility Strategy for all Schools for which they are responsible, showing how the Education Authority and Schools plan to meet their duties under the Act.

This video was established to support understanding of the strategy at its outset (2018 - 2020) but remains relevant and helpful context as we prepare for the next. 

Why your views matter

 The consultation is to allow feedback from stakeholders who support a child or young person with a disability, and from Education staff and partners, to inform the development of an Accessibility Strategy for 2022 - 2025 that will enable us to fulfil the following legal duties:

  1. Increase the extent to which pupils with disability can participate in the curriculum.
  2. Improve the physical environment of schools to increase the extent to which pupils with disability can take advantage of education and associated services.
  3. Improve communication with pupils with disability along with communicating to them information that is provided in writing for pupils who are not disabled, in appropriate alternative formats and taking account of any preferences expressed by them and their parents.

The draft strategy is not presented in its published form, but feedback is welcomed to ensure that the strategy:

  • Is understandable to read
  • Makes clear what progress has been achieved over recent years
  • Prioritises appropriate actions as next steps
  • Provides helpful checklist for Early Learning Centres and Schools
  • Signposts to further relevant and useful information

A statutory three yearly review and action plan is required and so 2022, marks the time of the next review.

The Inclusion Service, is consulting on behalf of the Education Authority, Perth & Kinross Council with:

  • Schools
  • Social Work, Child Health Team (PKC)
  • Education & Children's Central Staff (PKC)
  • Early Learning & Childcare (ELC, PKC)
  • Allied Health Professionals (NHS Tayside)
  • Legal Service (PKC)
  • Public Transport Unit (PKC)
  • Information, Communication and Technology Service (PKC)
  • PKC Staff Disability Network
  • Perth Autism Support
  • Parent to Parent
  • SHIP
  • CALL Scotland
  • VisionPK
  • PKAVs
  • Children and young people
  • Parent of a child or young person with a disability
  • Carer of a child or young person with a disability
  • Family member of a child or young person with a disability

To respond to this consultation please click on the link below.

What happens next

Feedback from the on-line survey will be considered and inform any necessary additions and amendments to the strategy.  The finalised strategy will be published and made available on the PKC website.


  • All Perth & Kinross


  • Education Institutions
  • PKC Employees
  • Professional Bodies
  • Unions
  • Voluntary Groups/Organisations
  • Parents, Carers and Guardians
  • People with Disabilities


  • Disabilities
  • Faith and Belief
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Race
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Adult and Community Learning and Development
  • Early Learning and Childcare
  • Primary Schools
  • Secondary Schools
  • Carers
  • Children and Families
  • Disabilities
  • Fostering, Adoption and Kinship Care
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Looked After and Accommodated Children
  • Mental Health
  • Voluntary and Community Sector Organisations
  • Volunteering