Perth & Blairgowrie Taxi Unmet Demand

Closed 29 Jan 2021

Opened 23 Sep 2020

Results expected 29 Jan 2021

Feedback expected 29 Jan 2021


Perth & Kinross Council have commissioned a taxi unmet demand survey and are seeking your feedback regarding your view of taxi services.  These surveys are undertaken periodically and are paid for by taxi owners as part of their licensing fee. 

Licensed vehicles fulfil a vital role in our society and this is an opportunity to tell us what is good about taxi services or whether you feel that there are any aspects that could be improved, or any measures which would enable you to make better use of taxi services. 

Our consultants, LVSA, are undertaking the consultation and have prepared an online survey (see link below) for completion by members of the public. The survey complies with Scottish Government Guidance.

In addition, activity at taxi ranks will be analysed over several days.  The analysis of taxi rank activity includes assessment of the number of people hiring taxis, who had to wait for a taxi to arrive, relative to the number of people hiring taxis, which were already waiting at the ranks.  If people have to wait at taxi ranks for taxis to arrive, this is considered to be unmet demand.  If the unmet demand is excessive, then this is considered to be significant unmet demand and may require measures to be implemented to address the situation.  A range of measures may be considered. 

Why your views matter

This survey will check that the quality and availability of taxi services are suitable and sufficient to serve all sectors of society.


What happens next

Feedback from this public consultation survey will be used, along with other information collected through consultation and taxi rank surveys, to prepare an assessment of taxi services in Perth and in Blairgowrie.


  • Action Partnership Locality - Perth City
  • Action Partnership Locality - Strathtay
  • Ward 10 - Perth City South
  • Ward 11 - Perth City North
  • Ward 12 - Perth City Centre
  • Ward 3 - Blairgowrie and Glens


  • Transport Groups
  • Any Audience
  • Licence Holders
  • Public Transport Users
  • Road Users


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