Local Development Plan 3: Topic Papers - Phase 1

Closes 18 Aug 2024

Opened 8 Jul 2024

Results expected 2 Sep 2024


This is a consultation on the evidence that will be used to prepare the Local Development Plan 3 (LDP3).  This consultation has been split into two phases. The Topic Papers in the consultation sets out a summary of the key evidence relating to National Planning Framework 4 which we will rely on in developing our LDP3.  They also highlights any implications that evidence will have for the production of the next Local Development Plan, and where there are gaps or uncertainties in that evidence.

Phase 1 topics we are consulting on are:

  • 001 The Plan Area 
  • 004 Tackling Climate & Nature Crisis 
  • 005 Biodiversity & Natural Places 
  • 006 Soils
  • 007 Forestry, Woodland & Trees
  • 008 Historic Assets & Places 
  • 009 Green Belt
  • 010 Brownfield, Vacant & Derelict Land & Empty Buildings 
  • 011 Coastal Development & Aquaculture 
  • 012 Energy, Heat & Cooling 
  • 014 Infrastructure
  • 018 Design, Quality & Place 
  • 019 Local Living & 20 Minute Neighbourhoods 
  • 020 Homes
  • 021 Blue & Green Infrastructure 
  • 022 Play, Recreation & Sport 
  • 023 Flood Risk & Water Management 
  • 026 Business & Industry 
  • 027 Retail, City, Town & Commercial Centres
  • 028 Rural Development & Homes 
  • 029 Tourism 
  • 030 Culture & Creativity 

Phase 2 topics we are consulting on at a later date are:

  • 013 Zero Waste 
  • 024 Health & Safety 
  • 025 Community Wealth Building 
  • 031 Minerals 

All topic papers are available to view at the bottom of this page and also available to view throughout the survey below under the relevant topic pages.

Why your views matter

New procedures for Local Development Plans introduced under the Planning (Scotland) Act 2019, (the Act) require planning authorities to submit to the Scottish Ministers a summary of the evidence they will rely on in preparing their Local Development Plan.  This series of topic papers sets out the evidence relating to specific requirements of the Act as well as for each policy area that will be covered within the Perth and Kinross Local Development Plan 3.    

We would welcome your views on whether the evidence we have gathered is sufficient, and if, in your view, how we intend to use that evidence meets the requirements of the Act, National Planning Framework 4, and any other possible considerations, including local detail, which should be included in the next Local Development Plan. 

Please click on the box below to give us your views. You can select the topic(s) that are relevent to your interest in this consutation. You can save your responses and return to edit at any time until the closing date on 18 August 2024.

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