School Exclusion Zones

Closed 14 Dec 2021

Opened 2 Nov 2021

Results expected 14 Jan 2022

Feedback expected 14 Feb 2022


Perth & Kinross Council is seeking your opinion on our recently installed and planned School Exclusion Zones throughout the region.

An example of one of these in action is shown in this video:


Why your views matter

As part our Spaces for People project (opens in new browser tab), Perth & Kinross Council have installed a number of new School Exclusion Zones (often known as School Streets). We have done this in response to requests from schools, parents and residents. This also helps promote improved health and wellbeing of our residents by reducing traffic speed, congestion and pollution around school gates. School Streets can also help to reduce the perceived dominance of motor vehicles on our streets, helping to create streets and places that are more attractive for people to walk, wheel, cycle, and enjoy.

Now we are seeking your views to assess the effectiveness of these School Streets. We would like to hear from residents in our communities, School staff, pupils and their parents. We will use this information to allow us to make an informed decision on whether to make these measures permanent.

Please can you fill out this online survey below:


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