Sale of 82 square metres of land, private parking, Myre Cottage, 11 Smith Street, Kinross

Closes 3 Jun 2022

Opened 8 Apr 2022


The aim of the consultation is to provide an opportunity to comment on the proposal for a disposal of ground to the owners of Myre Cottage, Smith Street, Kinross. The Council sold the residential dwelling, Myre Cottage in 1967, and the area has been utilised for the purpose of property access and parking by the current and previous owners of Myre Cottage since that time. The subjects are shown outlined in red on the plan attached.

It is proposed that Perth & Kinross Council grant a disposal of land to the owner of Myre Cottage, 11 Smith Street, Kinross, with the owner paying the Council market value for the land. The subjects are to be used as per existing use, for private parking and access to a private property.  

Why your views matter

The ground proposed to be sold has Common Good status and the Council is consulting as part of the requirement in the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015 to capture the opinions of the community in the decision-making process


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