Rent Level Options for 2022/23

Closed 24 Dec 2021

Opened 25 Oct 2021

Results expected 28 Jan 2022

Feedback expected 28 Jan 2022


Each year in partnership with our tenants we review the rent levels we charge for the Housing services we provide. These annual reviews are necessary to ensure that we continue to meet our duties to you as a landlord, respond to your priorities and maintain high levels of service delivery.

Any increase in rent is required to cover any additional costs such as inflation and price increases for stock and supplies, and to ensure we have enough money to maintain your home and meet our landlord obligations to you

Why your views matter

Rent setting is one of the most important decisions that we take each year, and because it affects all tenants it’s very important that you have an opportunity to have your say.

For the fifth year we are consulting and engaging with you over the level of rent to be set for the next year - 2022/23. We want to give all tenants a voice in decisions that affect you, your home, and the services that you receive. By taking part you can have a chance to win one of three £50 high street shopping vouchers.

This year, as in previous years, three options are being proposed based on the feedback we have received. 

It’s important that we let you know the impact the proposed options for 2022/23 will have on the services we deliver for you. You can read about that by clicking on the "Take part in the consultation" box below. You will then be asked to vote for your preferred rent level.

Each year, we send out a questionnaire to all tenants in April asking you what your priorities are for housing services. We then use this feedback to develop a range of options for increased investment in your home and new and improved ways of delivering housing services. This is followed by our Summer Tenant Conference where we have further discussions with tenants about your priorities, and then an Autumn Conference where tenants are presented with three rent increase options based on what you have told us. After the Autumn Conference, voting slips and information about the rent increase options are sent to each tenant asking you to vote for your preferred option.
As you know, last year was unique and challenging, and our normal approach to seeking your views and opinions was not possible due to the restrictions. Last year’s 1% rent increase, based on your feedback, reflected the significant financial impacts that the Covid pandemic had on many of you. Please click here to view last years consultation and results (opens in new browser tab).


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