Playing Out in Perth and Kinross

Closed 31 Oct 2023

Opened 31 Jul 2023


We would like to know what you think about the local spaces where you play and spend time with your friends. This survey is intended for children and young people, but we encourage parents and guardians to take part in the activity!

We are looking for your input on both formal and informal play spaces. Formal spaces are specifically designed and managed for play, such as a playground, skatepark, or playing field. Informal play spaces are other areas where you play and spend time with your friends. These could be in your local green spaces, woodlands, or even public spaces such as quiet residential streets or cul-de-sacs.

Tells us what you think by answering these questions about playing out in your local area. Please note, this survey is designed to gather information about one location at a time. After submitting a response, you will be prompted to complete the survey again for other sites you may wish to tell us about.

Why your views matter

The information you provide helps us to understand what spaces are important for play and how they are used. This will be used alongside information gathered during our recent engagement with children and young people as part of the Big Place Conversation to produce a Play Sufficiency Assessment. The PSA will inform the Council's next Local Development Plan and enable us to provide quality play opportunities for children of all ages in Perth and Kinross.


  • All Perth & Kinross


  • Children and Young People
  • Parents, Carers and Guardians


  • Sustainable Development
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  • Parks and Green Spaces
  • Sport and Activities
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