Perth and Kinross Council Draft Developer Contribution and Affordable Housing Supplementary Guidance (2023)

Closed 4 Aug 2023

Opened 9 Jun 2023

Results expected 20 Sep 2023

Feedback updated 8 Nov 2023

We asked

For your views on the draft Supplementary Guidance for Developer Contributions & Affordable Housing to support Local Development Plan 2 (2019) policy 5 and policy 20.

You said

A range of comments, broadly supportive of the proposed guidance, which largely carries forward the existing Supplementary Guidance (adopted in 2020).

We did

Some changes were made to the guidance following the consultation and the finalised guidance was approved by the Environment, Infrastructure and Economic Development Committee on 20 September 2023. The revised Guidance (as presented to Committee) has now been submitted to Scottish Ministers for consideration. Further updates will be published on the Supplementary Guidance webpage for Developer Contributions & Affordable Housing.


The Developer Contributions and Affordable Housing Supplementary Guidance supports Policy 5: Infrastructure Contributions and Policy 20: Affordable Housing in the Perth and Kinross Local Development Plan 2 (2019). It includes the legal and policy background and details the contribution requirements towards Primary Education, Auchterarder A9 Junction Improvements and Transport Infrastructure. The Guidance also details the Council's Affordable Housing requirement.

 The current version of the Supplementary Guidance was adopted on 29 January 2020 and, to make sure it stays up to date, the Council has agreed that it should be reviewed. You can read the draft guidance on both Developer Contributions and Affordable Housing Below as well as a summary note of the key changes proposed.

Your browser does not support inline PDF viewing. Please download the PDF.

Your browser does not support inline PDF viewing. Please download the PDF.

Your browser does not support inline PDF viewing. Please download the PDF.

We are seeking your views here. Any comments and suggestions made during this consultation period will be taken into account when preparing the finalised version of the Supplementary Guidance. Once this finalised version has been considered and adopted by the Council, it will replace the current version.


Why your views matter

Developer Contributions and Affordable Housing are important for delivering sustainable, resilient communities in Perth and Kinross. The Supplementary Guidance supports our planning policies in the development management process, and it requires review in order to keep it up to date with industry factors.

The Planning & Development Service of the Council are gathering your feedback on these updates to understand the views of different stakeholders.

Please note that the scope of this update is within the existing policy framework of the adopted Local Development Plan and does not include new policy proposals. This will be reserved for the preparation of the Council’s next Local Development Plan. Opportunities for engagement are published regularly and further information on the process is available on our website, or you can Contact Us for more information.


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