Perth and Kinross Local Housing Strategy for 2022-27

Closed 31 Jan 2022

Opened 22 Nov 2021

Feedback updated 3 Mar 2022

We asked

We asked for your views on local housing need in Perth and Kinross as we begin the process of producing a new Local Housing Strategy for 2022-27.

You said

An overview of the responses, as well as the full detailed results, are available in the results section of the consultation.

We did

All of the responses gathered will be analysed and will help to inform the creation of a new Local Housing Strategy for the next five years.

Results updated 27 Jul 2022

Perth & Kinross Council is currently working on an updated strategy for local housing over the next five years.

The Housing (Scotland) Act 2001 places a legal requirement on local authorities to produce a Local Housing Strategy (LHS) which should be kept under regular review. This LHS sets out the Council's priorities and plans for the delivery of housing and related housing services.

The Perth and Kinross LHS for 2016-21 is coming to an end, so a new updated strategy is being put together for the next five years.

The new LHS for 2022-27 is important because having a high-quality home that is warm, dry, secure, and suitable for people’s needs is fundamental to their happiness, health, and wellbeing. Supplying high quality suitable housing for people, in the places they need it, is one of the most important things we can do to help make Perth and Kinross the best place to live in Scotland.

One of the first steps towards updating our LHS was to launch a public consultation in December 2021 to ask local people, organisations, and housing stakeholders what their priorities were for housing in Perth and Kinross.

A total of 490 responses were received to the consultation, which ended on January 31st 2022. We would like to thank everyone who took the time to response.

Some key themes emerged from the responses. For example when we asked people what they though the key challenges were when it comes to housing the top results were:

  • A shortage of housing that people can afford
  • A shortage of housing
  • A lack of accessible housing for people with health problems
  • Poor energy efficiency in homes

You can see an overview of the consultation results, and the full and detailed results in the links below. 

All of the responses gathered will be analysed and will help to inform the creation of a new Local Housing Strategy for the next five years.

An online event that will help to further develop the new LHS 2022-27 was held on May 4th 2022. The event was open to anyone interested in housing in Perth and Kinross, and was attended by Council staff, local Housing Association representatives and other stakeholders.

To ensure our new LHS can continue the success of the last five years, a Local Housing Strategy Steering group made up of Perth & Kinross Council staff and local housing partners such as Housing Associations has been looking at what housing issues should be prioritised.

The Group has put together a draft structure for the new LHS which sets out what they see as the main priority issues should be for housing, and what we aim to achieve for local housing over the next five years under each of them.

The draft structure is based on analysis of key national and local housing priorities, and will allow the Council and our partners to put forward ideas for public consultation before the new LHS is agreed and finalised. The draft structure for a new LHS for 2022-27 (which can be viewed in the links) was discussed at the online event on May 4th.

The health and wellbeing of local people is an overarching priority which will be incorporated into the vision for the new LHS and influence each of the draft strategic priorities.



The Local Housing Strategy (LHS) for Perth and Kinross is being updated, and we want you to tell us your thoughts on housing in the area.

The LHS sets out how we and our partners will address housing issues and demand in our area over the next five years. Our LHS for 2016-21 is coming to an end, and so a new strategy is now being drafted.

The new LHS will provide our vision for delivering housing across Perth and Kinross beween 2022-27, as well as our priorities for action over that period of time.

Why your views matter

We want to to make sure the new strategy reflects the views of local people and communities, and so we're asking you to share your views on the housing issues that matter to you most. Your suggestions will be used to help shape the new LHS.

To do this we are asking you to complete this consultation which should take no more than a few minutes. This is an important opportunity for everyone in our local communities to have a voice in influencing the future of housing services and investment in Perth and Kinross, and we are very keen to hear your views.  

What happens next

Your views will be gathered and will help shape our updated Local Housing Strategy whch is due to be submitted to the Scottish Government in 2022. 


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