Gypsy/Traveller Site Standards

Closed 2 Oct 2022

Opened 8 Aug 2022

Results expected 17 Oct 2022

Feedback expected 7 Nov 2022


The Gypsy/ Traveller Site Standards guidance note provides guidance on how applications for private permanent sites or short/seasonal stay sites can address Policy 21 in Local Development Plan 2. As well as providing detail on the policy it gives applicants an overview of when permission is required and what other requirements are needed including licenses and building permits. The guidance does not address short term stopping places.

Why your views matter

This is new guidance to support the policy in Local Development Plan 2 developed with advice from Gypsy/Travellers and internal consultees. We want to know what your thoughts are if it will help applicants to bring sites forward more easily and lead to good proposals.





What happens next

We will review all the comments from the consultation and consider how to incorporate any changes that are needed into the document. The final document will then go to Council for their consideration.


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