Food Growing Strategy Consultation

Closed 25 Oct 2019

Opened 1 Oct 2019

Feedback updated 5 Nov 2020

We asked

To support the emerging Food Growing Strategy, we wanted to have a better picture of the interest and demand for additional food growing spaces and other types of support.  We asked whether people would like to grow more food in their community and if so, what are the barriers they experience and how could we help?

You said

We received over 200 comments from a mix of individuals, community groups and schools, suggesting a keen interest in the topic. We identified key issues such as the lack of suitable growing space and knowledge on how to grow and use the produce.

We did

We summarised the points and ideas from representations and used these to develop a draft strategy and action plan. The draft was approved by committee on 28th October 2020. There will be opportunities to feedback on the draft through a survey and online events - dates and details for these will be published soon on the Consultation Hub.

Results updated 5 Nov 2020

Over 200 comments have been received to the survey, showing interest in food growing from a variety of groups and individuals. The comments highlighted that there is demand across Perth and Kinross for more space as well as other types of support for those who would like to start to grow their own or grow more than currently. We have prepared a short summary of the key messages and a report with the detailed results

The results will help inform the emerging Food Growing Strategy and will feed into the first consultation draft. The action plan of the strategy will look at how the barriers to food growing could be removed and what needs to be done to create more opportunities for those who would like to grow their own. Further engagement with growing groups, communities and other organisations will help shape the action plan and facilitate its delivery.



The Scottish Government has set out a vision that by 2025 Scotland will be “a Good Food Nation, where people from every walk of life take pride and pleasure in, and benefit from, the food they produce, buy, cook, serve, and eat each day.”

The Council has a statutory duty, set out in the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015, to prepare a Food Growing Strategy that identifies potentially suitable land for allotments and other food growing areas. There is also a specific requirement to note how the Council intends to increase food growing provision in communities experiencing socio-economic disadvantage.

In developing a food growing strategy for the Perth & Kinross Council (PKC) area the Council is committed to delivering the wider benefits associated with food growing including:

  • Improving health and wellbeing outcomes
  • Promoting opportunities for social interaction
  • Environmental improvement including climate change and food waste
  • Skills development
  • Economic development and sustainability.

In delivering these benefits the food growing strategy will also assist in meeting the key objectives in the PKC Local Outcome Improvement Plan.

Why your views matter

The Food Growing Strategy offers the opportunity to link together the different organisations and stakeholders with an interest in food growing and provide a framework for a joined up approach to encourage an increase in food growing spaces across PKC.

The Consultation aims to identify opportunities to:

  • Increase the amount and variety of food grown in Perth and Kinross
  • Increase the amount of locally grown food consumed in Perth and Kinross
  • Map existing provision
  • Increase the number of food growing areas across PKC by identifying land potentially suitable for allotments, and other food growing spaces including, community orchards, community gardens, vegetable patches, raised beds, planters and edible hedges.
  • Support our communities to develop the skills to grow their own food and make healthy lifestyle choices is also a key strand of the strategy that will be achieved by working together with our community planning partners and third sector organisations.
  • Establish an allotments waiting list.


  • Action Partnership Locality - Almond and Earn
  • Action Partnership Locality - Eastern Perthshire
  • Action Partnership Locality - Highland
  • Action Partnership Locality - Kinross-shire
  • Action Partnership Locality - Perth City
  • Action Partnership Locality - Strathearn and Strathallan
  • Action Partnership Locality - Strathtay
  • All Perth & Kinross
  • Ward 1 - Carse of Gowrie
  • Ward 10 - Perth City South
  • Ward 11 - Perth City North
  • Ward 12 - Perth City Centre
  • Ward 2 - Strathmore
  • Ward 4 - Highland
  • Ward 5 - Strathtay
  • Ward 6 - Strathearn
  • Ward 7 - Strathallan
  • Ward 8 - Kinross-shire


  • Area Partnerships
  • Community Councils
  • Community Groups/Organisations
  • Community Planning Partners
  • Education Institutions
  • Environmental Groups
  • Housing Associations
  • PKC Employees
  • Rural Communities
  • Tenants and Residents Associations
  • Voluntary Groups/Organisations
  • Any Audience
  • Council Tenants
  • Elected Members
  • Landowners
  • Low Income Households
  • People with Disabilities
  • Volunteers
  • All Residents of Perth and Kinross


  • Climate Change
  • Affordable Housing
  • Housing Support
  • Private Housing
  • Social Housing
  • Parks and Green Spaces
  • Disabilities
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Mental Health
  • Voluntary and Community Sector Organisations
  • Volunteering