Craigie Burn Flood Study

Closed 7 Jan 2022

Opened 1 Dec 2021


We are keen to consult with residents regarding their experiences of flooding within the Craigie Burn catchment of Perth.

In December 2015, SEPA published the Tay Flood Risk Management (FRM) Strategy and in June 2016, the Council published the Tay Local FRM Plan. Both of these documents can be viewed at and include the requirement for a flood protection study for the Craigie Burn as one of the selected actions for managing flood risk in the area.

SEPA has published flood risk maps on its website. These maps indicate the risk of potential river flooding to parts of Perth from the Craigie Burn and its tributaries. These flood maps are largely backed up by historic reports of flooding and the following issues have been observed:

  • Overtopping of Necessity Brae and flooding at Low Road and Glasgow Road
  • Flooding affecting Murray Crescent and Balmoral Place
  • Overtopping along Queens Avenue, also impacting Queen Street and Windsor Terrace
  • Flooding at Croft Park
  • Flooding issues around the South Inch.

Why your views matter

In order to address this, we have recently engaged consulting engineers, Amey Consulting, to carry out a flood study on the Craigie Burn. This work will involve the consideration of potential measures to address flood risk. We are therefore keen to consult with the local community to gain as much knowledge of flooding as possible. In particular we are looking for the following:-

  • Details of past flood events: date, time, flood depth and damage caused;
  • Background information, records, videos or photographs of previous flooding;

We would be grateful if you could complete this online questionnaire to enable us to capture local knowledge within the flood study.

What happens next

The information you provide will help us capture local information within the flood study. 

We will be consulting with the community at key stages of the project.  This will include engagement sessions to allow the community to feedback on the draft outputs of the study.


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