Blairgowrie Surface Water Management Plan - Community Survey

Closed 5 Feb 2023

Opened 13 Jan 2023


We are keen to consult with local residents and businesses in Blairgowrie & Rattray regarding flooding due to surface water and the Rattray Burn.

We have recently engaged consulting engineers, RSK/Binnie's, to develop the surface water management plan for Blairgowrie.  This work will involve reviewing and modelling existing flood conditions and the consideration of potential measures to address flood risk. This is an identified action within the current Tay Local Flood Risk Management Plan (which can be viewed at: 

The below letter was recently issued to local residents and businesses requesting their feedback on the flooding they have experienced in Blairgowrie (from surface water or the Rattray Burn).

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Why your views matter

To inform the surface water management plan, we are keen to gather as much local information as possible, to build on our existing knowledge. In particular we are looking for the following:-

  • Details of past flood events: date, time, flood depth and damage caused;
  • Background information, records, videos or photographs of previous flooding;

We would encourage residents to share their views by completing the questionnaire, and to provide any flood photos and videos they may hold. We can copy any such information and return it to you if this would help.  This information will help to inform the development of the Blairgowrie surface water management plan.

What happens next

The information you provide will help us capture local information within the surface water management plan (SWMP). 

We will be consulting with the community at key stages of the project.  This will include engagement sessions to allow the community to feedback on the draft outputs of the SWMP.


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