Black Spout Wood Management Plan Public Consultation

Closed 24 Apr 2023

Opened 17 Mar 2023

Feedback updated 3 May 2023

We asked

To help us prepare a new Management Plan for Black Spout Wood, we asked local residents and visitors how often they used the woods, what they liked to do while they were there, what they liked and disliked about the woods at present and how we might make improvements.  

You said

We received 98 responses to the consultation. Most respondents were local residents and visited the woods on foot. Many were dog walkers. We received lots of positive feedback about the site and the way it is now. There was also useful feedback about providing information to help get around the site, the paths, and the management of the site more generally.

We did

All the feedback received will help us to put together a new Management Plan to take us forward to 2028.  In due course, those of you who asked to be kept informed will be consulted again once we've put together a draft Management Plan. 

At the time of this initial consultation the Pitlochry & Moulin Community Council was in abeyance.  It's hoped that we can engage with the new Community Council so as to review the draft Management Plan once it's ready.


Black Spout Wood is located at the south east end of Pitlochry. It covers an area of almost 22 hectares, of which roughly 18 hectares is owned by the Council and 3.5 hectares leased from Pitlochry Estate.

It's currently managed as an attractive, accessible, ecologically important woodland and provides a natural space for exercise and community interaction.

The Black Spout Woods Management Plan is a new plan and will guide Community Greenspace’s management of the area from 2023 until 2028.

Photograph of Black Spout Waterfall

Why your views matter

This consultation will contribute to the new Management Plan for Black Spout Wood, in Pitlochry.  Your views will help form a list of priority projects and develop the Management Plan.

As land managers we recognise that those who use the woods and other stakeholders have knowledge and experience which will help improve our plan so that we can manage the site more effectively. 

The list of priority projects and masterplan make up the overall Management Plan, and will be a flexible tool that may change as priorities shift.  It's designed to assist when applying for funding to make improvements.  Projects might include, new signage and waymarking, path and drainage works, benches, car park and access improvements, and works to enhance the biodiversity of the site within the context of the existing Forest Plan.

What happens next

The information collated from this survey will be analysed and used to assist in the next steps of updating the new management plan. There will be more opportunities in the future to give your thoughts and views.

If you would like to get in touch with the Community Greenspace team directly then please email us on


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