Grassland Management Trial 2023 Volunteer Survey Record Sheet

Closed 31 Oct 2023

Opened 16 May 2023


Managed for Wildlife Trial 2023 Volunteer Survey Record Sheet

Last year the managed for wildlife trial monitoring showed a positive increase in wildflower and pollinator numbers in uncut areas compared to cut. We would like to continue surveying these areas this year to compare results to the baseline data. The full list of trial sites is available at

Each month or so over the growing season, please complete this survey at a trial site near you to help show whether the trial areas have resulted in more wildlife and biodiversity compared to the mown areas nearby.  You can also comment on the overall look of the site.

On arrival at your survey site, walk through the area or sit and watch and record what you see. On this form, the same questions will be asked twice, once for the uncut grass trial area and once for the mowed grass area. Please fill out these questions to the best of your ability.


  • All Perth & Kinross


  • Voluntary Groups/Organisations


  • Any Interest