Local Housing Needs Consultation - Crieff

Closes 30 Nov 2019

Opened 14 Oct 2019


Rural Housing Scotland, on behalf of Perth and Kinross Council, are looking to find out what kind of affordable housing is needed in Crieff.

Rural Housing Scotland are a charity which aims to help create more affordable housing options within rural communities.

Why We Are Consulting

From renting a council house to building your own home, there is a huge range of housing solutions possible in Crieff - we want your help to find out which you’re interested in and which you think would help meet local housing need and demand in the town.

As well as the main housing options like buying a home or renting a home there are a number of new and alternative solutions which could be developed in Crieff such as community led housing, co-housing, self build or mutual home ownership cooperatives.

We hope that by consulting with the Crieff community, we will be able to find out what the need is for different housing options and help guide the development of affordable housing which meets the needs and aspirations of local people.

Rural Housing Scotland will lead this consultation throughout October and into November 2019 in the Crieff area with public events and an online consultation. This will include an exhibition of housing options  and provide an opportunity for people to find out more about affordable housing; general and particular needs; low cost rent and ownership; self and custom build; leasing and repair options.

Questionnaires will be distributed to participants and enable local people to set out their housing preferences, to highlight their current housing and living circumstances.

For further information please contact Rural Housing Scotland at derek@ruralhousingscotland.org or use the contact details provided on this consultation page.

Give Us Your Views


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