Let's Work Together to Tackle and Adapt to Climate Change (Phase 4) Transport

Closes 31 Jan 2021

Electric Vehicles (EVs)



21. Are you a vehicle owner?

How many vehicles (of any type) are in your household which you have the use of? (please insert number in the comment box below)

What types of vehicles are these? (select all that apply)

22. How likely is it that your next vehicle will be an EV?

What would encourage you to choose an EV as your next vehicle?

23. Prior to this questionnaire were you aware that there are over 80 public charging points across Perth and Kinross?

Locations of EV public charging points across Perth and Kinross:

Do you feel the existing charging infrastructure across Perth and Kinross is adequate to support the increasing demand for EVs?

24. Would be more likely to choose a taxi service that use EVs over one that doesn’t?
25. Would you be more likely to use a delivery service that convert their fleet to EVs faster that one that doesn’t?
26. Prior to this questionnaire, were you aware of Low Emission Zones (LEZs)?

Low Emission Zones:

Actions to tackle and adapt to climate change include the phasing out of diesel and petrol cars that are heavily polluting the environment. However, this is measure that will require many changes to the ways we behave and our transport attitudes and we may need to take action faster. A short-term alternative would be the introduction of Low Emission Zones (LEZs) in city centres, which is already applied in cities across the UK. LEZs set an environmental limit on certain road spaces, restricting access for the most polluting vehicles to improve air quality. Vehicles that do not meet the emission standards set for a low emission zone will not be able to enter the zone. A penalty charge will be payable by the vehicle’s registered keeper when a non-compliant vehicle enters the LEZ.