Draft Licensing Policy Statement - Licensing of Sexual Entertainment Venues ("SEV Policy Statement")

Closed 31 Jul 2021

Opened 30 Jun 2021


The Scottish Government has introduced legislation giving Council’s a discretionary power to licence Sexual Entertainment Venues (SEVs) in their area.  Perth and Kinross Council’s Licencing Committee passed a resolution on 19 November 2020 to licence SEVs in Perth and Kinross.  The powers to licence SEVs will come into force on 19 November 2021.  Following consultation with interested groups which took place between 16 January 2020 and 6 April 2020, members of the public, local communities and balancing respective interests, the Council have accordingly determined that the appropriate number of SEV within the entirety of Perth and Kinross is zero.  This is a rebuttable presumption.  Each application will be determined in its own merits.

It must now produce a SEV Policy. This consultation exercise relates to the draft SEV Policy which has been prepared. Views are invited from the public and interested parties on what should be included in the SEV Policy. The public consultation on the draft SEV Policy is a requirement of the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982.

What is a Sexual Entertainment Venue?

A Sexual Entertainment Venue (SEV) is defined as any premises at which sexual entertainment is provided before a live audience, and the most common examples are lap dancing or strip clubs.  However, the definition is sufficiently wide to cover other premises where sexual entertainment is provided.  Premises where sexual entertainment is provided on no more than 4 occasions in a twelve-month period, are not to be treated as a SEV e.g., premises that cater for the occasional stag or hen party.

Why your views matter

The Council is looking for views in respect of the formation of its Sexual Entertainment Venue (SEV) Licensing Policy Statement.  

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Responses to this consultation will be considered by The Licensing Committee.

You can respond by clicking on the "Give us your views" button below or you can respond by e-mail as instructed in the consultation document below.

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