Davis Park Play Area Consultation

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Closes 31 Jan 2022


This is a short survey which should take no more than 10-15 mins to complete. You can save your response at any time and return later to complete and submit.

Davis Park play area is a local play area designed to cater for 4-8 year olds in the local area and would usually include 2 - 3 pieces of play equipment like swings, a roundabout and a climbing frame.

To  show you what can be designed into your play area, here's a couple of short video clips from other recently refurbished play areas across Perth and Kinross.


Find out what makes up a Local play area...

We work to a ‘play strategy’ that determines the funds available to refurbish a play area and also the numbers of pieces of equipment required to service the size of the area. The location also determines the likely material the equipment will be manufactured from, ie timber or metal. Surfacing selection is also based on likely maintenance required.

Summary of Play Area Standards

The following play area standards are the minimum requirement of the Local Play Area category.  These are based on National Playing Fields Association standards but have been modified to reflect the rural aspects ot the Perth and Kinross area.

Local Equipped Area for Play (Local/LEAP)

  • Recommended maximum radius of catchment:  400 m
  • Target age group:  4-8 years
  • Active zone area:  400 m2
  • Number of pieces of play equipment: 2
  • Number of different play activities: 4
  • Total number of play activities: 4
  • Grassed play space:  200 m2
  • Seating for adults:  6 persons
  • Number of Litter bins:  1
  • All abilities access minimum:  900 mm wide and ramps where necessary

Housing buffer zone minimum width:  20m (from nearest edge of Active Zone Area to nearest garden or property boundary)