Draft Delivery of Development Sites Template

Closed 20 Mar 2020

Opened 21 Feb 2020

Feedback updated 14 Jul 2021

We asked

For your views on the Draft Delivery of Development Sites Guidance. 

You said

The template was generally welcomed but would benefit from some changes and additions to make it clearer and more useful.

We did

We made the suggested changes to the Delivery of Development Sites Guidance (or explained why if we chose not to make a change). The Guidance was approved by the Council's Strategic Policy and Resources Committee on the 25 November 2020 and has now been adopted as non-statutory guidance.

Results updated 15 Jul 2021

Four responses were received, from Transport Scotland, NatureScot and two planning agents. Comments generally were looking for clarification or suggesting improvements to the template. Please see below a summary of responses collated during this consultation. 

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Policy 23: Delivery of Development Sites of the Perth & Kinross Local Development Plan 2 requires all landowners and / or developers to produce a Delivery Strategy for all sites allocated in the Plan and for residential windfall sites of 10+ dwellings. This Delivery of Development Sites Template sets out a template to help landowners and / or developers to comply with this requirement.

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Why your views matter

This is new non-statutory guidance and this consultation will provide an opportunity for all stakeholders to make comments on the content of the Delivery of Development Sites Template guidance. All responses to the consultation will be fully considered and will be used to inform any further modifications.

Strategic Environmental Assessment

We consulted Scottish Natural Heritage, Historic Environment Scotland and Scottish Environment Protection Agency to check whether this supplementary guidance is likely to raise issues of significant environmental impact. We also considered the criteria that are set out in the Environmental Assessment (Scotland) Act 2005.

The Council has determined that the Delivery of Development Sites Template guidance is unlikely to have significant environmental effects and has therefore decided that Strategic Environmental Assessment is not required. Our Screening Determination sets this out in more detail.

Who Is Consulting

Perth & Kinross Council, Housing & Environment Service, Planning & Development, Development Plans Team.

Who Can Comment

Anyone can comment, including:

  • Developers
  • Landowners
  • Agents
  • Communities & Community groups
  • Third Sector Organisations
  • Others involved with planning applications

How To Comment

You can respond online by clicking on the 'Give Us Your Views' link below. Alternatively, you can send your comments to developmentplan@pkc.gov.uk  or by post to the Local Development Plan Team, Perth & Kinross Council, Housing & Environment Service, Pullar House, 35 Kinnoull Street, Perth, PH1 5GD.

Our privacy notice  explains how the information you provide in your response will be used. If you would like to respond online please click on the "I agree" button below  to indicate that:

  •     you have read the privacy notice
  •     you agree to take part

What happens next

This consultation has now closed. Your comments are valuable because they will be used to shape the final version of the guidance.

The Council will consider the issues raised in the comments that were made during the consultation. We will prepare a report setting out the comments we received and an explanation of how these comments were taken into account when preparing and finalising the guidance. The finalised guidance will be issued and adopted and will be used when determining planning applications.


  • Action Partnership Locality - Almond and Earn
  • Action Partnership Locality - Eastern Perthshire
  • Action Partnership Locality - Highland
  • Action Partnership Locality - Kinross-shire
  • Action Partnership Locality - Perth City
  • Action Partnership Locality - Strathearn and Strathallan
  • Action Partnership Locality - Strathtay
  • All Perth & Kinross
  • Ward 1 - Carse of Gowrie
  • Ward 10 - Perth City South
  • Ward 11 - Perth City North
  • Ward 12 - Perth City Centre
  • Ward 2 - Strathmore
  • Ward 3 - Blairgowrie and Glens
  • Ward 4 - Highland
  • Ward 5 - Strathtay
  • Ward 6 - Strathearn
  • Ward 7 - Strathallan
  • Ward 8 - Kinross-shire
  • Ward 9 - Almond and Earn


  • Developers/Investors
  • Stakeholder Organisations
  • Landowners


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  • Land and Property
  • Local Plans and Guidelines